5 tips to speed up gray hair transition

Females are pressured daily to maintain a youthful appearance. While gray men are considered "charming," any sign of white hair in a woman can still be seen as sloppy. No wonder, most of them spend a good part of their lives resorting to the use of dyes and toners – but that is starting to change. Get more info here: best professional hair color for gray hair


Every hair transition consists of a process of acceptance of the hair in its natural state. In the case of the transition from white hair , this phase also represents the acceptance of “aging” and, therefore, the first step is to stop dyeing and let the white root grow more and more.


The hair aging process begins when the hair follicles undergo cell oxidation, which affects the development phase, causing the hair to grow less frequently. Oxidation is also responsible for white hair, as it affects the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for coloring.


It is worth remembering that white hairs usually appear after the age of 35, but genetics and stress can contribute to their early appearance. And, if you have already entered this stage and are willing to see your hair lighter and lighter – with great pride! – Check out 5 tips that will help you in the transition of gray hair.


Use an ammonia-free colorant with a cool tone to lower the contrast.

Yes, the transition from white hair means no longer dyeing the strands, but to avoid a sharp contrast between the gray hair and the part that still grows with the natural color, the tip is to invest in coloring without ammonia – which is less aggressive – of a cold tone. The color wash Color Express Graphite Gray Dark salon Line is ideal for those with up to 30% of stray white hairs, as it promotes complete coverage using a perfect color for anyone who wants to take the gray hair of time.

Wash the strands using a purple shampoo

Some harmful factors such as exposure to the sun and pollution can cause female gray hair to oxidize and leave it with a yellowish appearance. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to invest in a purple shampoo , a product that has a formula rich in violet pigments, which promotes an antioxidant and de-yellowing action. You can also bet on a match using the My Smooth Shade Mask at least every 3 months.

Be sure to moisturize and nourish gray hair

In addition to being directly linked to the color of the threads, melanin also interferes with the softness of the threads, which means that, as the threads whiten, they will also naturally become more dry. To reverse this situation, it is essential to invest in fortnightly hydration, if your hair is straight, or weekly, if it is curly or frizzy. The wetting can be made monthly, regardless of the type of yarn, as this treatment helps in replenishing lipids.


Adopt a short haircut

According to hair experts, during the transition, it is recommended to face the scissors more often – the ideal is to cut at least 1.5 cm every two months to go “cleaning the color”. Also, if you don't want to deal with the root of one color and the length of another, the best option is to adopt a short haircut, as this can speed up the transition process in the length of the strands. If you're not a fan of very short cuts, medium options like chanel and long bob can be good alternatives.

If you don't want to cut it, invest in a pearlescent ombre hair

A lot of women won't give up a hair, and there's nothing wrong with that. If you are not comfortable with the idea of facing the scissors, making a pearl ombre hair may be the best option. In this technique, the hairs below the ear gain a gradient color, which is perfect for those who already have a large root. Be sure to talk to an expert professional to understand which shades will look good on your hair.